Born in Coney Island in 1944, MARIAN ROTH moved to Provincetown in 1982 to fulfill a dream of living and making art in a community of creative people. She has never thought of leaving. Well-known in the world of photography for her innovative camera obscurra work, Marian has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Pollock-Krasner Fellowship and a Fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. She has been awarded with a lifetime achievement award for artistic excellence by the Provincetown Art Association and Museum. Earlier in the year, she installed a walk-in camera obscurra during an exhibition of her work at the Griffen Museum of Photography. And most recently, she had the first retrospective of her work at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum entitled, On Bended Light.

"My life as a serious visual artist began in the early '70s, when my contract as an assistant professor of Political Science at Syracuse University was “not renewed” — i.e., I was fired. I had been there for four years. I was 28 years old. Caught up in the women’s movement, in an all-male conservative department of 50, I found myself challenging values that were clearly never going to change. So, I changed. I was crazy for photography then, and I took this as a call to my inner self, to the girl that always had another dream – to make art – to be an artist." MR